Civilian & Law Enforcement Training

Strategic Edge offers state of the art personal defense, handgun, carbine, and counter-sniper training tailored specifically for domestic clients and law enforcement agencies interested in seeking/learning the most contemporary and relevant self-defense and combat strategies being used and taught in the highest tiers of our military and special operations environments today. Strategic Edge Inc. takes these incredible advances in hand-to-hand combat and weapons training and has molded them into tactics and training that work and are legally defensible in both civilian self-defense and police operations.

Our revolutionary COARS™ training modules challenge legacy models of thinking and training to look beyond the standards of the past, collaborating and developing substantial evolutional improvements in the way we train soldiers, PSD professionals, police officers and civilians with pressure proof tactics that work flawlessly during SNS activation and extreme levels of stress. While many others are beginning to provide lessons on how destructive SNS activation is to a legacy trained operator, COARS™ is the only proprietary system of training which provides real training methods to overcome and dominate during such an event.

As contemporary neuro-science continues to advance our understanding of the human brain, Strategic Edge Inc. is continually adapting our training platforms to be fully supported by and integrated with fighting and gun-fighting techniques which are both natural and consistent with a human’s physical and rational capabilities during mission escalation and Rules of Engagement (ROE) transition periods when circumstances change violently or without warning.

With firing ranges up to 1000 yards and a 400 acre facility, we have the unparalleled ability to design a training program or regime tailored for mission-specific details or simply to challenge a well equipped and trained SWAT Team.