Military Training


COARS™ (Combat Operators Aggression Response System™) is a proprietary system of training which delivers a fully integrated system of fighting tailor made for the specialized small unit combat operator. Through enhancements in science and a better understanding of human bio-physiological reaction to stress, Strategic Edge Inc. has tailored a program of hand-to-hand combat and combat weapons use that is more easily utilized and dependable during stress induced events than any other mission based tactics and techniques being taught today. Strategic Edge Inc. instructors, and staff physicians and psychiatrists have spent years applying science and experience to the principles contained within these modules of instruction and an equally significant effort in development of training to address the limitation of human response during combat crisis, elevated stress, or surprise attack.

Each of the COARS™ training MOD’s consist of Strategic Edge Inc.’s re-evaluation and enhancement of traditional and effective tactics and strategies used by the US military in high-tier, small-unit tactical teams. However, instruction is completely innovative and proprietary science-based concepts that are not found in other training programs but are only being studied at the Army Research Laboratory today. Strategic Edge Inc. understands that today’s military challenges are not the same as that of wars past and cannot operate in ways germane to the Korean, Vietnam, or cold war eras.

While our two training modules are definitively focused on individual response to crisis, COARS™ specifically deals with tactical team conditional reasoning and team response to mission deviation. MOD I and II are independent and singular courses, which each stand on their own as systems of response during missions, but they are also a complete integration of tactical risk mitigation training and techniques that are each supported and enhanced by each other. COARS™ is a latticework of singular systems woven together to form a contemporary amalgamation of old and new; rudimental and Innovative.

With firing ranges up to 1250 yards, a 400 acre facility with sufficient space for a Drop Zone and a State Park and hotel 2 miles away, we have an outstanding facility with the unparalleled ability to design a training program or regime tailored for mission-specific details or simply to challenge a well equipped and trained Special Operations Team. We believe in adding tools to your tool box, not negating all previous training methods.


 In addition to Strategic Edge Inc.’s revolutionary COARS® system of fighting, Strategic Edge Inc. also offers its classified USASOC Regional Advanced Surveillance & Capture Countermeasures / Personal Security Awareness (RASCC/PSA) Course tailored for special forces military, state department and others. US Army Special Forces Command soldiers, dignitaries,  U.S. State Department officials and others similarly positioned continuously move through and deploy to high threat areas. The current training model, as outlined in the minimum Army standards, does not fulfill the requirement to expand our personal awareness of Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) and enhance individual survivability while engaged in the War on Terrorism and emerging hostilities against DOD personnel worldwide. The USASOC RASCC/PSA Course from Strategic Edge Inc. fulfills those requirements and amplifies the current training base to provide a relevant, continuously updated and advanced training course that satisfies and exceeds the training requirements set forth in 525-13, Antiterrorism and DoD O-200-12H, DoD Antiterrorism Handbook.



Strategic Edge Inc. also offers a non-classified RASCC/PSA course for business executives and globe trotters who frequent or are required to travel to high threat regions of the world. These courses are tailored to the area of travel focusing on regionally oriented and known transnational criminal, gang and terrorist organizations and their tactics and the measures and countermeasures needed to mitigate your risk of kidnapping, injury or death. This course is designed for a participation of 20 students. If your business or organization is interested in this course for its employees, we require 45 to 75 days of advance notice depending on whether we have taught a course in the particular city in which you desire the course to be taught.