The Strategic Edge Inc. Gun Range provides hunters, recreational shooters and serious professional/competitive shooters of all skill levels with autonomously bermed ranges for handgun, tactical handgun, carbine, rim-fire and center-fire rifles at a multitude of distances for tactical, benchrest, silhouette, and long-range precision rifle shooting to distances out to 1250 yards. 

Whether you are new to shooting, seeking a TN Handgun Carry Permit or other training, or you are a seasoned professional or competitive shooter looking for a great place to train realistically, the SEGR staff welcomes you and your family for a safe and enjoyable shooting experience at one of the South's most exceptional shooting facilities. SEGR is open to members-only and their guests from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week (unless closed for maintenance or a class). 

Annual membership costs $200 per year for an individual and family members (spouse and children under 21) are significantly discounted. Seniors and U.S. military veterans receive a $50 discounts on their annual membership dues. Those living more than 75 miles away are offered a long-distance membership for $100. All applicants undergo a criminal and civil background check and once approved are issued a custom identification card and gate/building codes for access to the property and grounds. Download our application for more details. 

Strategic Edge Inc. Gun Range also offers to its members the ability to purchase accessories and ammunition on-premises and will loan certain uncommon items to members for their use and enjoyment while on premises such as a spotting scope, shot clock, chronograph, sand bags and a golf cart for checking targets downrange. We have traditional target stands as well as a plethora of professional steel targets/racks, etc. for added fun or serious skill development. 

Membership is full at this time. To be placed on the waiting list, please email your name, address, and phone number to and we will confirm your position. Please check back often for additional information or contact us at (615) 599.9911 with questions.

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Tony Shankle,
May 16, 2016, 4:14 PM