50 BMG, Big Bore & Over Bore Qualifier

Congratulations on becoming a member of Strategic Edge Gun Range and completing the first two levels of safety training. Below you will find the steps to complete your level three safety training, and receive your 50 BMG ID card so you can shoot the 50 BMG, Big Bores and Over Bores.

Step 1: Print out the 50 BMG Rules and keep them handy... 50 BMG Rules Link

Step 2: Watch the 50 BMG Qualifier Video below or here.... 50 BMG Qualifier Video

Step 3: Take the online 50 BMG Quiz here..... 50 BMG Quiz Link

After you submit your Quiz, we will process the following Monday and mail (US Mail) you a 50 BMG ID card that should be worn on your lanyard with your membership ID card. 

50 BMG Qualifier