New Member Sign Up

Congratulations on receiving an invitation to join Strategic Edge Gun Range. Below you will find the steps to become a member and complete your safety orientation. 

Step 1: Fill out and submit your member application here... Member Application Link

Step 2: Pay your application fee and annual membership dues here.... Make Payment Link

Step 3: Print out the Range Rules and keep them handy... Range Rules Link

Step 4: Watch the Safety Orientation Video below or here.... Safety Orientation Video Link

Step 5: Take the online Safety Orientation Quiz here..... Safety Orientation Quiz Link

After you complete all 5 steps above, and successfully pass the quiz, we will process your membership the following Monday and mail (US Mail) you a package with your ID Card, Current Year Sticker, Lanyard, and Code Card. 

If you would like to take the Long Range Qualifier, go here... Long Range Qualifier Link

Safety Orientation Video