Steps for getting your Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit

Step 1:
Visit the Gun Range Calendar here and select a desired date for your class.

Step 2: 
Email us with the class date you plan on attending. You can fill out your paperwork and make payment at the time of class.

Step 3:
"Begin Appliction" with the State of Tennesse  here and record your confirmation number. You are required to provide the instructor with your confirmation number the morning of your class. 

Step 4:
Attend your selected class and again, be sure to bring your confirmation number. 

Step 5: 
Visit your local Drivers License Station. Take along your class certificate,  proof that you are a US citizen and payment for the State Application Fee. 

Step 6:
Use the State of Tennesse website here to follow the progress of your Application.

Step 7:
Receive your Permit by mail.

Step 8:
Always be safety conscious and continue your firearms training!