Steps for getting your Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit

Step 1:
Visit the Gun Range Calendar here and select a desired date for your class.

Step 2: 
Print the Course Registration (bottom of this page), fill out and submit to our office with payment.

Step 3:
"Begin Appliction" with the State of Tennesse  here and record your confirmation number. You are required to provide the instructor with your confirmation number the morning of your class. You can also note this number on your Course Registration when submitted.

Step 4:
Attend your selected class and again, be sure to bring your confirmation number. State Waiver is located here.

Step 5: 
Visit your local Drivers License Station. Take along your class certificate,  proof that you are a US citizen and payment for the State Application Fee. See more detailed information here.

Step 6:
Use the State of Tennesse website here to follow the progress of your Application.

Step 7:
Receive your Permit by mail.

Step 8:
Always be safety conscious and continue your firearms training! 
Tony Shankle,
Aug 14, 2013, 2:21 PM