Defense Services

Military Training

COARS™ (Combat Operators Aggression Response System™) is our proprietary system of training which delivers a fully integrated system of fighting tailor made for the specialized small unit combat operator. Through enhancements in science and a better understanding of human bio-physiological reaction to stress, Strategic Edge has tailored a program of hand-to-hand combat and combat weapons use that is more easily utilized and dependable during stress induced events than any other mission based tactics and techniques being taught today. Strategic Edge Inc. instructors, along with physicians and psychiatrists have spent years applying science and experience to the principle contained within these modules of instruction and an equally significant effort in development of training to address the limitation of human response during combat crisis, elevated stress, or surprise attack.

Each of the COARS™ training MOD's consist of Strategic Edge Inc.'s re-evaluation and enhancement of traditional and effective tactics and strategies used by the US military in high-tier, small-unit tactical teams. However, instruction is completely innovative and proprietary science-based concepts that are not found in other training programs but are only being studied at the Army Research Laboratory today. Strategic Edge Inc. understands that today's military challenges are not the same as that of wars past and cannot operate in ways germane to the Korean, Vietnam, or cold war eras.

While our two training modules are definitively focused on individual response to crisis, COARS™ specifically deals with tactical team conditional reasoning and team response to mission deviation. MOD I and II are independent and singular courses, which each stand on the own as systems of response during missions, but they are also a complete integration of tactical risk mitigation training and techniques that are each supported and enhanced by each other. COARS™ is a latticework of singular systems woven together to form a contemporary amalgamation of old and new, rudimental and innovation.

With firing ranges up to 1250 yards, a 400 acre facility with sufficient space for a Drop Zone,  we have an outstanding facility with the unparalleled  ability to design a training program or regime tailored for mission-specific details or simply to challenge a well equipped and trained Special Operations Team. We believe in adding tools to your tool box, not negating all precious training methods.


Strategic Edge Inc. is a multi-faceted security and defense contractor based in Middle Tennessee. We specialize in risk mitigation associated with the operation and sustainment of a secure business or operations environment particularly in hostile or non-secure locations throughout the world.  Strategic Edge Inc. can develop and execute comprehensive security programs for government agencies, private corporations and None Governmental Organizations (NGO's) supporting our clients in a multitude of methods and threat levels.

Operating in full compliance with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and U.S.C. Title 48-CFR-252.225-7043, our clients have learned to trust Strategic Edge Inc. to protect their people; their critical infrastructure; and, their other high-value assets. Our team members are specially trained and experienced in developing security programs tailored specifically to fit the needs of our clients. We want to make sure our clients have the tools, resources and guidance necessary to grow their business interests and secure/sustain a reasonable business climate and environment.

Strategic Edge consistently challenges legacy models of thinking to look beyond the training and security standards of today, collaborating and developing substantial evolutional improvements in the way we train soldiers and our own team members and the way we execute our client's business strategies. Strategic Edge Inc. brings those advancements into contemporary defense training and security operations to leverage the value of the past with the power of modern security and training methodologies. 

Our threat assessments, crisis management, protective and support services help our clients and their employees create and sustain protected and viable business environments so that they can enjoy the unique advantages of off-shore manufacturing/shipping and operations which can present a unique security challenge for governments, multinational corporations and NGO's, especially when working to rebuild their country's economy and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

In CONUS it is COARS™, our proprietary training programs taught only to U.S. Special Operations Command (USASOC) soldiers and our own security staff that sets us apart. As contemporary neuro-science continues to advance our understanding of the human brain, Strategic Edge Inc. is continually adapting our training platforms to be fully supported by and integrated with fighting techniques which are both natural and consistent with a human's physical and rational capabilities during mission escalation and Rules of Engagement (ROE) transition periods when circumstances change violently or without warning.

Possible insurgent attacks, the threat of organized crime, terrorist operations and local internal dissension all present extremely dangerous working conditions for organizations that are operating within such an environment. Safeguarding people and protecting assets while achieving strategic business objectives require fully-integrated security solutions and the right security partner.

Our experienced teams of specialists have successfully operated in some of the most extreme and inhospitable parts of the world. Knowledgeable and seasoned Strategic Edge Inc. operatives are privileged to accept exceptionally complex assignments that may, in some way, contribute to improving the lives of populations suffering from the after-effects of war, or which can help advance, develop  and sustain workable, accountable and transparent systems of government. We can confidently and independently deliver superior overall safety and functionality to any operation or can instead collaborate  with local or existing entities to provide support to an already effective mission blueprint or strategy.